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HR Consulting

We design proposals fitted to satisfy the cutting edge requirements of your organization, with personalized attention, and supporting our work on our values:
repeatability, teamwork and commitment.
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Project consulting


runaId offers different project consulting alternatives designed to fit your needs. Our unified methodology approach, enriched by years of experience leads us to expected and measured results.. runaId services are tailored as specialized short term projects designed to achieve the best results.
Access control


Our versatile security system works out of the box with several physical and electronic devices. People, vehicles and assets can be granted access and protection in multiple layers.


What we do

  • We focus strongly on data management, offering the best technology, and a team of experienced professionals trained in process optimization.
  • This approach allows us to offer our services to a wide variety of organizations managing data and processes, achieving the best results.


  • We work together with our customers understanding their goals, in order to assemble an agile solution. We create solutions using a combination of emerging technologies, custom software develompent, and robust industry packages.
  • We help organizations to excel, acheiving high performance goals. We believe that every new solution needs to be quickly reproduced and scaled, interacting with existing systems and processes in a synergic way.

HR Consulting

We are HR specialists, with broad know-how in selection, recruitment, benefits, career development, management, culture and training.

IT services outsourcing

Our staff is continuously trained in different technologies. We cover the following full-time or part-time jobs:

IT talent selection and recruiting

We specialize in talent selection, matching the ones that best fit our customers needs and organizational culture.

our work

Our passion

Biometric Identification

  • We have a vast know-how in the field of biometric identification, integrating diverse technologies, and fulfilling international standards such as ANSI/NIST, INTERPOL, FBI.

Access control

  • We can design the solution that best fits your needs.
  • Experience
     -   Integrating automatic card readers: proximity, chip, images, double validation, etc; biometric readers: fingerpint, face, etc.
     -   Managing access devices: gates, turnstiles, doors, etc.
     -   Deploying safe transit systems: security cameras, zone control, smart areas, GPS.

Systems integration

  • runaID offers its professional expertise in integrating and interconnecting enterprise software systems.

Project consulting

  • RunaID endorses Integral Project Management. We have a team of certified PMPs capable of elaborating and managing your project lifecycle, following renowned international standards.

Custom Solutions

  • Custom software development at your fingertips. Combinig the best assests and skills allows us to lower delivery time ensuring objective fulfillment. We use the best available technologies within agile frameworks, using mainly Java and .Net tools, operating with several databases, building web, mobile, and desktop applications.

Software consulting

Hiring us is a win-win bet, aquiring 20+ years experience in IT Services and Consuting.

About us

runaID is a professional team with more than 20 years of proven and certified experience software development and IT consulting.


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