About us

RunaID, a professional team with more than 20 years of proven and certified experience in the development of information and communication technologies (ICT).The quality and loyalty of our clients is the clearest guarantee of our services, our management capacity and timely response to business requirements.

RunaID, a platform of services and assistance to companies and individuals that combines knowledge and technology, key elements that allow us to state and promise an IT solution tailored to your needs.

Quality policy

At RunaID S.R.L. we work with our clients to understand their goals and have a clear vision of how to carry out a quick solution that helps them achieve their objectives, being the continuous improvement of our processes the path to accomplish this. RunaID S.R.L. is committed to provide a service of analysis and development of IT applications and maintenance of IT systems focused on quality, pursuing at all times the full satisfaction of our customers.

To ensure this management policy, the company's General Management is committed to: Complying with the current legal regulations applicable to all of the company's activities. The relationship with our customers is characterised by cooperation and open communication, we are committed to responding enthusiastically and professionally to any needs expressed by them and to working to satisfy our customers. Ensuring good communication with the client to design software products that meet their specific needs. Defining, agreeing objectives and ensuring their fulfilment.

The satisfaction of our clients, employees and other collaborators, is the key to our success.

We are committed to the fulfilment of tasks and therefore we apply good management practices, such as the verification of requirements according to the established processes.

Make available to the RunaID S.R.L. personnel the utility technologies contrasted with the specific needs of the clients,to carry out their work, resources and time necessary for their training.

The staff knows, understands and applies, as far as they are concerned, the content of the QMS processes and its procedures, allowing for continuous improvement within RunaID S.R.L. For this reason, the General Management has decided to implement a quality management system in the company based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard and the IRAM-ISO/IEC 90003 guide, committing itself to complying with the applicable requirements in order to achieve the continuous improvement of the quality management system..


"Victory is what happens when a thousand hours of training meet an opportunity"
–Mireia Poch

Satisfied customers

That has been our best advertisement. Not only the promise of a well-done job, but also building a long-term customer relationship. We believe that good cooperation always produces the best results.

A team for you

We design and integrate teams for the development of the architecture of your IT System. We develop and propose an architecture model according to a hardware and software infrastructure.

Passion for work

We love our job because we do what we best know. Our hobby is our job.